Naomi Campbell Decided To #FreeTheNipple Today And We Support Her 100%

Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Bruce Willis’ daughter to the band Pussy Riot has jumped on board the “Free The Nipple” campaign in order to balance out how women are seen compared to us guys. Why should women have to cover up all of the time, especially in photos presented on social media sites like Instagram, right? Well we’re all for it and happy to announce super model Naomi Campbell has also joined in on the good fight, uploading her very own Free The Nipple moment for her Instagram followers to enjoy, er, I mean, cheer to?

Of course we have our morals and will present to you this already censored version created by Garage Magazine below.

But what monsters would we be without giving you a link to see the original version on Campbell’s Instagram page.

Of course this isn’t exactly the first time Campbell has freed the nipple, but this moment is in fact to promote a book in which she appears nude published by TASCHEN. Now nipples in books, that’s the high brow way to go I think.

It seems with as much nudity as there is on the internet already, the nipple has already been freed but it looks like women who are all for freeing the nipple a bit further would actually enjoy walking around in public topless to really make sure everything is equal. If men can do it, so can they! But then again, if women start walking around without their shirts on, men are going to start doing it too and I frankly don’t want to see that many hairy backs out and about. So maybe let’s leave it for Instagram, just for now.