Who Has The Name Of The Year?

If you’ve never heard of the Name of the Year competition, you’re really missing out.  We’ve all seen amazing stories featuring the likes of Max Fightmaster and Batman bin Suparman, but Name of the Year goes above and beyond to curate the best names seen anywhere around the world and then lets you and me vote to determine who has the best name of the year, each and every year.  Names are taken from sports, politics and news reports so they are, in fact real (though it’s possible some of these people changed their names at some point).  Check out this year’s bracket;

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It’s a tough choice when you have winners like Infinite Grover going against Queeniemoney Hughey. 

Past winners are just as incredible as the current crop of awesome and put to shame those of us who got stuck with names like Dave or Ted or Mary.  Check out the Name of the Year Award Winners from the past 32 years;

2014 Shamus Beaglehole
2013 Leo Moses Spornstarr
2012 No vote held
2011 Taco B.M. Monster(NOTY High Committee and The People)
2010 Nohjay Nimpson (NOTY High Committee); Steele Sidebottom (The People)
2009 Juvyline Cubangbang (NOTY High Committee); Barkevious Mingo (The People)
2008 Destiny Frankenstein (NOTY High Committee); Spaceman Africa (The People)
2007 Vanilla Dong (NOTY High Committee and The People)
2006 Princess Nocandy
2005 Tanqueray Beavers
2004 Jerome Fruithandler
2003 Jew Don Boney Jr.
2002 Miracle Wanzo
2001 Tokyo Sexwale
2000 Nimrod Weiselfish
1999 Licentious Beastie (INVALIDATED 2006; Runner-up: Dick Surprise)
1998 L.A. St. Louis
1997 Courage Shabalala
1996 Honka Monka
1995 Ballots missing
1994 Mummenschontz Bitterbeetle (INVALIDATED 2006; Runner-up: Scientific Mapp)
1993 Crescent Dragonwagon
1992 Excellent Raymond
1992 Assumption Bulltron (Name of the Decade)
1991 Doby Chrotchtangle
1990 Otis Overcash
1989 Magnus Pelkowski
1988 No vote held
1987 No vote held
1986 No vote held
1985 Godfrey Sithole

1984 No vote held
1983 Hector Camacho

That’s a hell of a list of names right there.  If you want to help choose 2015’s name of the year, head to their site and cast your vote.  Infinite Grover needs your help.