Naked Woman Gets Stuck In Ex-Boyfriend’s Chimney

In October we told you about a woman who tried to sneak into a man’s house that she had met online and went on a date with, only to get stuck in his chimney. Well it seems that there is more than one demented would-be lady Santa out there as another woman in the Los Angeles, California area has been caught in a chimney trying to enter the home of her estranged ex-boyfriend. Luckily no one decided to light a fire in the fireplace on the chilly January night; the smell of burnt pubic hair is one that is hard to air out of a house.


You Don’t Hear A Lot About Chimneysweep Roleplaying

 The 35-year-old unidentified lady took off all of her clothes to better fit into the 12 by 12 shaft, only to quickly become stuck. The ex-boyfriend, Tony Hernandez identified the naked woman in the chimney as the mother of his three children, but says she is not allowed near the kids. She tried to get in through the door but when she discovered it was locked, tried the next logical route; the chimney. He was awoken to her screams for help and quickly tried to free her by throwing her an extension cord and pulling her out. Since real life isn’t a Kevin James film he had to call the Riverside Fire Department who in turn spent two hours breaking open the fireplace to free the woman.

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Let this be a public service reminder; while a magical Santa Claus can stuff his fat ass down a chimney, real humans cannot. So the next time you are stalking your former lover, break into their house like a normal person and smash their window with a rock.  

Source: CBS LA

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