10 Naked Chicks With Fast Food: The Best Instagram Account

Yesterday the naked lady Instagram world was rocked by the photo of actress Tara Reid rocking in a hammock while wearing only a hand-bra. Today we bring you a new Instagram treat featuring nude women… and fast food. Together at last? I think Australian artist Sarah Bahbah is on to something when she posted her latest artistic series to her Instagram account featuring nude women eating and holding or in close proximity to pizza, burgers and fries. If you’re like me, heaven would be described as combining one of those Pizza Hut-Taco Bell’s with a strip club.

The Original.

While it is disputable as to how many of these lovely ladies actually eat the types of food they are pictured with on a regular basis, we can at least all enjoy this fantasy.  I’d like to think that somewhere Seinfeld’s George Costanza is smiling as some of these photos come close to recreating his “trifecta” of eating, sex and watching TV.

1. The Fries Might Be French, But The Lady Definitely Shaves

2. Even The Dog Is Thinking, “Hey Lady Give Me A Slice”

3. Donuts And Melons Go Together Better Than You Thought

4. This Is Not A Request, But A Statement; She Realized What She’s Doing

5. Thank Goodness It’s Not A Chili Dog! Whoops!

6. Pallet Cleanser!

7. Put Down The Side Dish And Reach For The Sideboob

8. Meat Tastes Better When It Is Phallic Shaped

9. The Dog Couldn’t Take It Anymore, RIP

10. The Pizza Was So Good She Passed Right Out

The dry-cleaning bill in this place has got to be enormous. #That’sWhatSheSaid. Which one is your favorite?

Source:  Instagram/RaisedByTheWolvesau  

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