Naked Bike Ride Will Now Allow Clothes, Irony

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Jun. 05, 2014
The Sixth Annual Naked Bike Ride in Bellingham, Washington is going to be a huge disappointment if you are a pervert, but a total win if you are a bike seat. Never Nudes can now ride with pride at the event happening this Friday, as participants will be allowed to wear clothes.

Fight the power of being forced to NOT have a bike seat up your butt.

Event organizer and total push over Zach Robertson informed local media that the event this year will be “clothing optional” – meaning that you can wear clothes if you want to during the NAKED bike ride. What’s next; portion control at the all you can eat buffet? Clothed strippers? Nude fashion shows? What’s the point?

Looks like last year's Naked Bike Ride also had a lot of cheaters!

I never understood the whole naked bike ride craze; seems kind of dangerous, what with your penis dangling down near the bike chain, you guys all know what I’m talking about. Organizers, however say the Naked Bike Ride is an important event that raises many conversation starters regarding bike safety, environmental issues, body image and dingle berry maintenance. While some in the community aren’t a fan of the Naked Bike Ride, Robertson claims he is not aware of anyone joining the naked bike ride just as an excuse to get naked. Well damn, there goes my plans for the weekend!

Smells like freedom.

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Toby-Barba-93 User

oh, there were naked people in that clip. must've missed them.

Tumbleweed65 User

Why is it that most all of the people in those naked parades are the ones you wouldn't want to see naked in the first place???

tony_hustle User

At least Phil Haney knows what irony is...