Naked All Female Shakespeare In The Park Performance Is A Hit!

A group of women from the Torn Out Theater in New York City had such a successful run of performances doing Shakespeare in Central Park this summer that they are doing a follow up run of shows in Prospect Park. Why was the 500 year old play, The Tempest such a smash? The all-female cast performed it mostly NAKED. Finally some arts education we can get BEHIND!!

To be or not to be, what’s the question? I’m not paying attention right now.

To all the theaters out there thinking of putting on some Shakespeare, take a page from Game of Thrones to spice things up. If you want me to sit through a lot of complicated dialogue from people with weird accents you got to add some titties, or at least one of them fire breathing dragons.

These gals performing in the buff did the trick to get loads of dudes down to the park to watch some Shakespeare. The funny part is the theater group’s director Alice Mottola said in an interview recently that their aim was to create a “body positive” experience and to “normalize the female body in a non- sexual context.” However we know how well that goes. Just like the women seeking attention on Go Topless Day, these women think they are performing naked for empowerment, but in reality everyone just wants to ogle their lady parts.

Think about it. If Break sponsored a performance of “Hot Stripper Babes Performing Romeo And Juliet In The Park” and we cast a group of all female hotties; these same women would be totally offended. (Especially during the hot Juliet- Female Romeo lesbian make out scene. NOICE!) Yet, when they get naked under the banner of feminism and equality all of a sudden nudity is OK. DOUBLE STANDARD!

Mottola acknowledges that many audience goers have said, “I only came for the nudity, but that was really good!”

So at least they have that going for them. Apparently in New York State it is already legal to have nudity in a public place like a park if it is part of “an artistic expression.” Cool story New York State. I have this super artistic play about a donkey and a lady I have been working on for ages.

Would you watch a play performed by naked women if they held over your head that it “wasn’t sexual” and they were doing it for the “right” reasons?