Museum Janitors Mistake “Modern Art” For Trash And Clean It Up

For today in “This Is Perfect” we go to Bolzano, Italy where the cleanup crew for the Museion modern art gallery mistook an exhibit for a pile of trash… and cleaned it up. What rubes, wow could they mistake art for trash! Oh, this was the art:

As they say one’s art is another man’s trash.

Along with great food, Italy is known for its amazing museums filled with ancient artifacts and classic works of art. However the modern art piece in question titled “’We were going to dance tonight’ by Milanese artists Goldschmied & Chiari might be considered The David of modern art, if David went on an all-night champagne fueled bender.

On Friday night the museum actually did have a real party that the cleaning team was sent to sweep up after. However when they arrived on Saturday morning they were confronted with a much bigger mess than a few discarded disposable wine cups and cocktail napkins full of half eaten caviar smeared crackers.

There was an entire room filled with confetti, cigarettes, clothing and hordes of empty booze bottles. It looks like the museum had an all-out rager celebrating the New Year or the end of the world. Apparently the janitorial crew missed the nuanced meaning that the scene was trying to convey. The art scene was actually depicting the wild parties and lifestyle of Italian politicians in the 1980’s. Obviously.

Luckily for lovers of fine modern art the cleaning crew did not throw all the items away before realizing their mistake. The museum plans to reconstruct the scene using photos from before it was cleaned.  


This reminds me of another modern artist named Tracy Emin who last year sold her dirty bed for $4.4 million dollars.   Maybe she went to that party in Italy? “My Bed” was a thoughtful exhibit consisting of her dirty, stained, unmade bed with torn pillow cases, cigarette butts, a half empty bottle of vodka, her dirty underwear  and for good measure an actual used condom. After viewing the artwork museum goers need hepatitis shot.

If you had to make a piece of “modern art” what would it be?

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Source:  The Local