There’s Apparently A Type Of Duck That Looks Just Like Darth Maul

Okay, now this whole Star Wars fandom thing is getting a little ridiculous. Someone on Imgur spotted a duck that looked almost exactly like Darth Maul, but y’know, in duck form and not as good at aerobatics. What looks like a duck straight up wearing a Darth Maul mask, this duck is actually the real deal, called a Muscovy Duck. And like Darth Maul, apparently they’re just a bunch of a**holes with long claws on their feet.

Known for bullying each other, the Muscovy Duck often sends out a loud hissing sound which is no friendly greeting. Experts say it means they want you to get the hell out of the way when otherwise they create a chirping sound instead of quacking. I can already see this becoming a trend with Disney creating some sort of family friendly animal farm where you can visit animal versions of popular “Disney” characters, including little Darth Maul here.

The question is what would a real Goofy and Pluto look like, since they’re clearly on two different scales of Evolution.

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source: Imgur