The Muppet Show Might Return To Television, But The Bad News Is Who’s Writing It

After yesterday’s news that Full House will be returning to Netflix with an all new season of episodes featuring most of the main cast, word has it another beloved show from your childhood might also be returning to television; The Muppet Show. Sure we’ve had two new movies (the second was pretty sub-par than the first) but the show always had something more zany and fun than the movies could offer. Plus this is healthy dose of the Muppets you could potentially get every week instead of every two years. The unfortunate part is who is co-writing the pilot.

The fact that I even posted any image from The Big Bang Theory is already a bad sign. Bill Prady, the co-creator of the most annoying show on television (he’s the guy on the far left) is co-writing the pilot that will then be presented to ABC. We’re not sure who his co-writer is and no other sites are reporting the name so that person must not be someone as talented as Prady, respectively.

First of all, Jim Henson was a genius. I can understand Disney (who now owns the Muppets as well, hence why it’s going toward ABC, also owned by Disney) created movies for these beloved characters, but as far as a show, that was a whole other animal. It was weird and strange as well as a true variety show. Prady produced, now get this lineup, The Gimore Girls, Caroline in the City and Dharma & Greg. That’s quite the difference in talent. Run for your life, Kermit!

If the pilot pitch goes well, the show could head straight to series for ABC. Stay tuned for further word and eye-rolling.

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source: Hollywood Reporter