This Week’s Cover For ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Featuring A Crying Muhammad Just Released

As reported last week, Charlie Hebdo, the Paris satircal newspaper that had been attacked by two terrorist gunman decided to go ahead with their paper this week. And the front cover is perfect.

Depicting Muhammad crying while holding a French sign that reads “All is forgiven, Charlie Hebdo”, one can’t help but wonder what might happen because of it’s printing.

Check out the image here.

After the attack saw 12 of the Charlie Hebdo’s staff killed, 5 being the paper’s top cartoonists, this is said to show the Muslim attackers that the paper will not give in and “cede to nothing”. This week, with the help of three other French newspapers, the newest issue of Charlie Hebdo featuring this cover will print 1 million issues. Usually the paper prints around 60,000.

Since the attack, the living employees of Charlie Hebdo have moved to another office under the name Liberation. I just hope that this cover does more good than not for those involved.

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source: BBC News