Netflix Employee Created The World’s Greatest Pop Culture Mural With MS Paint

Based on this artist’s description, working for Netflix in their headquarters sounds like a real drag, especially their customer service department. So much so, they aren’t allowed to send emails to anyone outside of the company or surf the internet on their “work machines” beyond visiting the Netflix site. Literally, their computers weren’t capable of doing these things. In fact, they also aren’t allowed to have any blank paper at their desk to keep them from doodling out of sheer boredom. Lucky for this Netflix employee, he was at least able to doodle using the ancient program MS Paint and smuggle the drawings off of the computer thanks to a helpful supervisor. God, that job sounds depressing. But, it did inspire him to do something he might not otherwise have done had he been able to surf the web for hours on end throughout his work day.

Behold, a pop culture utopia featuring most, if not all of your favorite characters from television, film and video games. Frankly, there are some characters here I can’t even name! And since this guy couldn’t use the internet at all for reference, he had to use nothing but his imagination in order to remember (or embelish) what each character looked like.

The man who posted his work on Reddit, user name Khanstant, says he’s hoping to continue the piece adding more and more characters but might feel like he’s cheating. For the time being, he’s certainly covered a lot of ground. You have Sonic, some aliens, Goku, Mickey on the edge of death…

…Boba Fett, Jaba, Luke Skywalker, a Sarlac pit, Batman fighting the Joker, Hulk fighting Superman…

An evil Burt giant, Elmo and Grover, Ariel, and what looks like Fraggle Rock and a sh*t ton more.

Khanstant has since left Netflix, stating that this dead office life environment just wasnt for him. Clearly.

“Some people loved it and worked there for years. I was just not suited to being chained to a desk and computer with no outlet for creativity. Some folks though acted like they were stealing money to get paid to take calls, so go figure.”

He’s currently trying to figure out the best way to make prints of this amazing piece. You already have one customer, sir! Click here to see a BIGGER VERSION of the finished work.