Tweet Reveals A ‘Mr. Show’ Reunion Might Be Coming In 2015?

If you had the chance of watching Mr. Show on HBO back in the mid-90’s, you knew you were watching something really special (and particularly really funny). Known for not only its subversive humor, but also launching the careers of hosts David Cross and Bob Odenkirk (better known to you now as Saul from Breaking Bad), as well as Sarah Silverman and Jack Black. So if you had never seen one second of Mr. Show in your life, for one I just feel sorry for you and another, this news really means less to you than it ever should.

Paul F. Thompkins, a comedian who also got his start on the HBO series tweeted a photo of the Mr. Show gang in what looks like some sort of writing or brainstorming session. Here’s his tweet in all of it’s vague glory:

Eight men out… of the 1990s. Maybe something new coming from the Mr. Show gang in the new year? #MrShow

— Paul F. Tompkins (@PFTompkins) December 31, 2014

Granted, this could be some sort collaborative hang out outside of the Mr. Show universe, which is why I added question mark in the headline. But hey, Tompkins is the one that said it first, not me! Regardless, I do hope something new can come from these guys and not just some live reunion show much like the one Odenkirk and Cross had going in 2013 for a six-city date tour. I’m talkin’ most of the team here, people. Add Black and Silverman, we have ourselves a real winner.

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source: Uproxx