Mr. Bean Celebrated His 25th Anniversary Today In Style

Even though Star Wars has taken over today due to the release of The Force Awakens merchandise, let’s take a moment to remember that other, more hilarious franchise; Mr. Bean. And actor Rowan Atkinson was in London today to celebrate his character’s 25th anniversary in style by riding on his bright yellow mini. That’s right, ON his mini. Bean was actually in a broken-in arm chair on top of the car while holding a mom for extra silliness. Of course his best friend, a tattered stuffed teddy bear named Teddy was on hand to keep Bean company during the drive. How his car drove by itself with Bean on top, one can only assume, but he got through his less than legal quick tour of London safe and sound as per usual with a big celebratory finish at Buckingham Palace.

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My introduction to Mr. Bean was thanks to HBO in my youngin’ days when the network started airing reruns of Mr. Bean from BBC. And from then on, I was hooked. Although Atkinson tried his hand at a few Mr. Bean films but nothing compared to the success of the series which followed the mini-adventures of Mr. Bean. And by adventures, I mean him either just going to a public pool, taking a test or going to church, all ending with some sort of ridiculous failure on Bean’s part.

Here’s one of my favorites where we see Mr. Bean on a date (a rarity) in a theater to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street. Of course, he fails through the entire thing but enjoys himself nonetheless.

All of this talk of Mr. Bean makes me think…hey, Netflix, you got an extra couple of thousand to bring Mr. Bean back? Let’s get on that.