Motorcycle Stunts: The Great, the Dumb, the Painful

blawsome by blawsome on Sep. 17, 2014


Motorcycle Stunts: The Great, the Dumb, the Painful

To a non-motorcycle rider, it can seem like an impressive enough feat just to successfully get onto a motorcycle and ride off into the sunset, but there’s a special breed of motorcyclist out there who can do a lot better than that. These men and women turn their motorcycles into tools for amazing stunt work, and since we live in the digital era, we can watch a lot of it in the comfort of our own homes and without busting our eardrums. Here are several of the best motorcycle stunt videos currently on the internet.

Most motorcycle stunts are (hopefully) performed on closed courses or other appropriate places, and they’re dangerous enough in that setting (the exciting ones are anyway). But the video below shows someone – described by whoever uploaded the video as a “crazy guy,” and I’m certainly not going to argue the point – doing a two-person wheelie right on an unidentified freeway. The camerawork adds another level of danger to an already risky stunt, and I can only imagine what some of the other people in their cars must be thinking. They probably assumed it was for a movie, and I guess in a sense they were right.

For an example of how the added element of a cameraperson can cause a stunt to go wrong, look no further than the video below these words. Luckily, this didn’t happen on a freeway, nor did it happen to the person who actually recorded the footage – he or she was smart enough to stand a safe distance away from the action. But the other guy, holding another camera, wasn’t quite that forward thinking, and he gets leveled by a would-be stunter as a result.

Since that last one was a bit of a dud, I thought I’d better make up for it with something truly incredible. In this next video, a motorcycle rider flies down a public road in pretty much every imaginable position except for the one that you’re supposed to be in when you ride a motorcycle. At one point he actually slides across the pavement on his feet while holding onto the bike, and later he stands up on the seat like George Washington stunting across the Delaware. Oncoming traffic and another person another bike keeping up in order to capture the whole thing on camera give it that extra spice that makes it completely unforgettable. Check it out:

Our next video is more of a compilation, but all of the stunts in it come from Joe Molina and members of his stunt riding crew. There’s a little bit more of a professional polish to this video than to some of the others that appear in this space, at least as far as the editing is concerned. And for the most part, these guys seem to be goofing off more than really trying to wow the crowd, but even goofing off can be entertaining if the goofers-off are talented enough. Here’s the video:

And now we’re back to insane people doing motorcycle stunts on the open road, like God intended. This next video is short, but it has a lot of excitement packed into its 18 seconds. Weirdly enough, the best part is right at the end, when the guy hops back up onto his bike with a flourish that must have required a lot of practice. But he pulls it off, as does the guy following him on a bike and holding a camera (are you noticing a pattern with these videos yet, or is it just me?). Check it out below:

Next up we have another motorcycle stunt bundle pack, this one running a relatively epic length of over four minutes. It starts off by covering a lot of your basic wheelies and whatnot, but gets a lot more entertaining as the minutes go on, eventually moving to stunts on the open road. But don’t be fooled, these guys are very concerned about safety. You can tell they are because they’re wearing helmets and everything. Check it out, and remember that it probably still wouldn’t be a very good idea for you try any of these stunts on your own, helmet or no:

Well, I’ve tried to put this next part off for as long as possible (except for that one with the camera guy), but it seems like there’s just no more putting it off – it’s time to start watching motorcycle stunts gone wrong. This next video is an almost 3-minute compilation of various would-be motorcycle stunts gone horribly wrong. Well, maybe not “horribly” wrong, maybe more like “hilariously” wrong, or barring that “entertainingly” wrong. The point is, they’ve gone wrong. Take a look, after all, as long as they didn’t go “fatally” wrong it’s OK for you to laugh at them:

This next one is actually pretty incredible, despite the fact that it was apparently an accident. Some guy tries to do a wheelie on his motorcycle, but the bike gets away from him. Instead of just hitting the pavement and staying there, the guy gets carried by the residual force of the bike and actually flips back up onto his feet, like he’s Neo in training or something. Don’t worry, though – he falls right back down again. It’s a good thing it got caught in camera, because I’m not sure anyone would have believed it:

If you thought that was bad, I’m honestly not sure if you’ll even be able to handle this next one. It shows another attempt at a similar stunt, but as is often the case the wheelie attempt caused the motorcycle to spin out of control. Only this time, it was the motorcycle that flipped and the collision between it, the rider, and the pavement is seriously painful just to watch (so I can only imagine how it felt to experience it). I have no information on whether the guy is alright, but hopefully he is. Let’s go ahead and watch it anyway:

Now we’re going to move onto some motorcycle stunts that still went wrong, but went wrong in much more spectacular ways. First up we have an impressive motorcycle stunt that appears to take place in some kind of circus. Well, it would have been impressive, if someone had remembered to check the rafters for any stray wires. As it happened, one of the poor motorcycle stunt drivers at this circus took off like an airplane and was on track to hit the other ramp on the opposite side, when he hits a wire that somebody forgot to move hanging from the top of the tent. Ouch:

I guess that’s enough mayhem and disaster for one post. Let’s finish things off with an incredible stunt that was pulled without a hitch. It involves not just a motorcycle jump, but a biplane as well. The motorcycle is going higher than a motorcycle normally does, and the biplane is flying lower than a biplane should. Together, and with perfect timing, they do both of these things at the same time without running into each other. If you like motorcycle stunts, you’ll have to admit that this one is a thing of beauty. Here it is: