Mother Who Was Told Her Baby Died Reunites With Daughter 50 Years Later

Fifty years ago a woman named Zella Jackson Price gave birth to her daughter at a hospital in St. Louis. Shortly after she was born Price was told that her daughter had died.

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However it turns out that the girl, Melanie Diane Gilmore was alive and for some reason adopted to another family. After fifty years the 76 year old woman finally met her baby.

Melanie now lives in Olivette, Missouri and had children of her own who helped find the grandmother they never knew. Melanie lost her hearing due to a childhood illness and has spent years wondering who her natural mother was. Here is video of the moment that Melanie’s children surprised her with the news that they had found her mother, who they spoke to over video chat.

Zella flew from her current home in Oregon to St. Louis where she was finally reunited with Melanie after all of these years. Melanie also got to meet her brother Harvey for the first time as well.

While she is hurt by the separation Zella is happy that she has another chance to connect with her daughter:

 “God has given me everything the devil has taken from me,” Price said. “I’m getting it back. I’m getting my baby back.”

The adoption “mix up” took place at Homer G. Phillips hospital in St. Louis. Hopefully if the responsible parties are still alive some sort of justice could be administered after all of this time.

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Source:  Fox 2