Mother Tried To Smuggle Drugs: Hiding Them In Chocolate Eggs In Her Vagina

A good parent will do just about anything for their child. A bad parent may also be the same way if they don’t have the common sense to know that the thing they are doing is either right or wrong for their child. If you’re the latter, please don’t ever procreate. A mother in Spain learned that lesson when she tried to smuggle drugs to her jailed son in a memorable fashion. 

What would you do for some co-cocaine?

An unidentified 73-year-old mother allegedly tried to bring the drugs to her son by hiding them in a Kinder egg, a popular egg-shaped chocolate treat that’s hollow on the inside and often filed with candy or small toys in parts of the world where choking hazards aren’t that big of a problem. She tried to sneak them into the jail by hiding them in her vagina. I’m not entirely sure of her logic here except that maybe she thought that her own eggs were also egg-shaped and if the prison ran a body scanner on her, they might mistake the drug-filled Kinder egg for one of her own. 

Drugs inside a chocolate egg inside a vagina? It’s like a turducken from hell!

She would have gotten away with it but she got nervous while waiting in a frisk link before entering the prison and decided to “remove the package” prematurely. Prison guards confiscated the egg and found $88 worth of cocaine, heroin and tranquilizer pills inside of it. Let’s say that she did manage to sneak it to her son. Just how big of an addict do you have to be to swallow something that came out of your own mother’s “squawk box”? 

Source: HuffPo