Blind Mother Able To See Her Child’s Ultrasound Thanks To Surprise 3D Printing

Mother to be, Tatiana Guerra went blind when she was only 17-years-old. Now, in her thirties, Guerra is expecting her first child but unlike other first time mothers, she’s not able to enjoy that moment when you see your baby during the first ultrasound. But thanks to 3D printing technology, Guerra was able to see her child by touching an identical model made from the ultrasound. And the best part is the whole thing was a surprise.

Huggies teamed up an ad agency called Mood to bring the moment to Guerra, printing the model with a message at the top that says “I am your son”. With this moment being completely unexpected by Guerra, her reading the message and feeling her son’s face is something you might want to grab the Kleenex box for.

Check out the video made by Huggies below:

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If you’re thinking there’s a market for 3D printing ultra sounds for expecting mothers, there’s a company that’s already way ahead of you. A company in Japan is creating 3D models of your baby in its fetus stage as a keepsake, because an ultrasound photo just isn’t enough these days. And they have a few price options for you to chose from; “8 inches (“life-sized,” according to 3D Baby) for $600, 4 inches for $400 and 2 inches for $200.” Wonderful. 

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source: Cnet