Delightful Mother Buys Cocaine For Daughter’s 18th Birthday

Remember when you turned 18? How did you celebrate your birthday? Maybe your folks got you a cake or you lost your virginity to your girlfriend or your folks got you a girlfriend so you could lose your virginity. This mother tried to top all of that. She scored six grams cocaine for her daughter’s special day. 

Nicola Austen of Kent located near London, England was nabbed by police after they found a haul of cocaine scattered around her home. She reportedly spent about $460 buying the stuff for her and her daughter so they could celebrate their birthday and hid it around their home. Maybe they were going to have a fun scavenger hunt as part of their party? Turns out they planned to snort the nose candy as they rode around London in a limo. Damn, did this girl turn18 or join Motley Crue?

Police raided the home and arrested her as part of their drug bust. She told the local press that that was “blown out of proportion” and just “a party.” Hey, every party needs party favors. 

On the way out of court without the blow.

Somehow, she avoided a sentence that includes actual jail time due to the fact that she has a family to take care of and being in jail would hinder that effort. Something tells me the kids would be better off with her in jail unless it’s OK in England for your mother to buy you a prostitute when you turn 21. 

Source: Yahoo