The 10 Biggest And Best Of Everything From 2014

Another year is over and, like us, you were probably too hungover or blitzed on cold medication to appreciate most of it.  So, for those who missed it or those who just need a refresher, here is literally the best everything from 2014.  Could we do a “worst” list?  Yes, but everyone is doing those and do you really need us to tell you whether Transformers sucked more than Left Behind?  On to the best!


The best movie of 2014 was Boyhood.  Did you even see Boyhood?  We’re being objective here as Boyhood pulled in more glowing reviews than any other film of the year. It’s Rotten Tomatoes #1 film of 2014 and probably that means it’s worth a watch.

On the other hand, the top grossing movie of 2014 was somehow Transformers: Age of Extinction, which pulled in over $1 billion worldwide in a manner which is both offensive and depressing given how awful that movie actually was.


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The number one single of 2014 was Sia’s Chandelier, according to Billboard, who know a thing or two about terrible music that people still like.  Billboard’s been supporting the careers of acts like Taylor Swift and Pitbull for years, damn them. The Daily Beast agrees with them.  Is Sia’s Chandelier that bad?  Not really, but is it the best song of the entire year?  Eh.

According to Spin magazine, the best song of 2014 was Seasons (waiting on you) by Future Island.  Bet you never saw that coming.  The good people at Vox seem to think it’s New Romantics by Taylor Swift.  Rolling Stone picked Beyonce and JaY Z “Drunk in Love.”  So, you know, take your pick.


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According to Amazon, the bestselling book of 2014 was Sue Monk Kidd’s “The Invention of Wings.”  It’s about an abolitionist who gets a slave as a present and teaches her to read and write at a time when that would have been remarkably illegal.  How Thug Kitchen didn’t get the number one spot we may never know.

TV Show

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Back to Rotten Tomatoes, because how else do you find out what’s popular on TV, and it looks like the most popular show of 2014 is the Affair.  No wait, not popular. The top rated show, because probably no one has seen it.  Definitely not popular.

Viral Video

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Hitting closer to home, it’s kind of unbelievable that 2014’s most watched viral video, with over 123 million views on Youtube alone in just three months is Mutant Giant Spider Dog.  Guess it was the perfect blend of prank plus a lack of mean-spiritedness and a dash of cuteness plus adorable pets to make every single demographic watch and share it.

News Story

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Yeah, we had an interesting year with massive civil unrest and rioting, missing airplanes, ISIS, Obamacare and all that jazz but you know what the most searched for news story according to both Yahoo and Google of 2014 was – ebola.  Everyone loves ebola.  Three people outside of Africa have it and it somehow becomes a panic epidemic in North America.  Go figure.


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Who was the biggest deal in 2014?  Well, depends how you define that, but using Google’s data from it’s year in searches, let’s give this spot to the two most searched for people of the year – Robin Williams and Jennifer Lawrence.  Williams took his own life, of course, and Lawrence had nude photos leaked before dropping another snore-fest of a Hunger Games sequel on us. 


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According to Car and Driver the top selling vehicle of 2014 was the Ford F-Series which sold about 680,000 units in 2014.  That’s a hell of a lot of dudes driving identical trucks.  For a little perspective, the next bestselling vehicle was the Chevy Silverado at 472,000 sold.  This means people really like Fords but it also means they really, really like pickup trucks. 

Video Game

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A lot of really cool games were released in 2014 but apparently no one bought any of them near as much as they bought Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which sold 5.8 million units, putting it about 2 million above Destiny, its closest competitor. 

Game System

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Now that you know what game everyone is playing, what are they playing it on?  The console wars of 2014 have been won and Wii U did not place.  However, by the numbers, Sony’s PS4 took 2014.  With 17 million sold compared to somewhere around 12 million for Xbox One, Sony had it in the bag.