Morena Baccarin: Out of this World

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Morena Baccarin comes to us via Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is best known for her role in in the Sci-Fi series Stargate SG-1 and the follow-up film Stargate: The Ark of Truth as Adria and as Jessica Brody in Showtime series, Homeland for which she received a 2013 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Morena moved to New York with her family when she was 7 years old for her father’s job. She went to New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies where her future Homeland co-star Claire Danes also attended. Morena was accepted to the Juilliard School’s theater program and graduated in 2000. Her first feature film role was in 2001 in Perfume followed by the lead in an independent film, Way Off Broadway, also in 2001. Morena then gravitated toward science-fiction and made her TV debut as Inara Serra in 2002 on the Fox space western sci-fi show, Firefly. She also played Inara in Serenity, a 2005 film based on the series. In 2006, she started appearing on Stargate and followed up that sci-fi show with another one on ABC. From 2009 to 2011, Morena played the lead of Anna in V, a remake of the 1984 series. All these sci-fi roles made Morena a regular at Comic-Con. “Sci-fi fans are a different breed,” she said. “They are so loyal, it’s unbelievable. They’ve seen every sci-fi thing I’ve done and then they started watching Homeland because I was in it.” When V wrapped in May 2011, Morena finally became human again and joined Homeland playing the wife of a former POW.  In 2014, Maxim ranked Morena #57 on their annual Hot 100 List.


In 2009, between her outer space treks, Morena appeared in an Off Broadway play, Our House. She also appeared in the drama, Death in Love (2009) starring Jacqueline Bisset as a Holocaust survivor haunted by her past in which she had an affair with a Nazi doctor to escape death. Despite this somber story, you get to see nudity several times by a couple of actresses, one of them being Morena. She does full frontal nudity in addition to showing off her rear. 

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In 2012, Morena got naked for an Allure photoshoot which featured five other actresses. She said she wanted her pictures to be more subtle since she was aware that people have seen her nude on Homeland.  “I didn’t want it to be an overload, like ‘That girl is always taking off her clothes,'” she said. “This is for the art of it. It’s beautiful.” When it comes to nudity, Morena said she was raised in a household with a liberal attitude toward showing off the body. With parents who worked in the arts, (her mother was an actress and her father was a journalist) Morena said she definitely saw her mother more in her underwear than her friends probably saw their own mothers. But when asked about her attitude toward nudity as an adult, Morena said, “I don’t do any naked activities except for the obvious ones. No cooking naked. That’s dangerous.”

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Morena married to independent film producer and director, Austin Chick in November 2011 so chances are pretty good he’s seen Morena Baccarin naked especially since their son, Julius, was born on October 22, 2013. With all due respect, Mr. Chick really lucked at on this coupling. Morena is one of the hottest actresses to originate from South America so he must be counting his lucky stars.

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Well, she doesn’t have a tail or any weird alien feature like one of her roles but an unusual coincidence in Morena’s life is she once roomed with Jessica Pare who played Megan Draper on Mad Men. In an interview with Esquire, Morena said Pare needed a place to stay after splitting up with her husband, Joe Smith and Morena had a room to rent in her Santa Monica home. Morena said a normal conversation in their house would be, “Hey, after breakfast, I’m running off to an audition. You?” and then at night it was, “Hey, let’s go take a yoga class and work on our bods before we practice our lines.” Soon after they moved in together, Pare was cast as Megan Draper and Morena was cast in Homeland. And as they say, the rest is history.

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