Kittens Nursing, Monkey Butts, Andy Warhol & Bad Restaurant Food Photography

This week we bring you bad restaurant food photography that is highly influenced by such artists as Andy Warhol, Gilbert & George, as well as the wonderful world of nature; as restaurants continue to  display amateur photos of their food in their window to entice people to come in and eat-  except –it actually scares hungry customers away.

The Premise: Blurry, badly lit, out-of-focus, maybe shot with a disposable camera, or just plain poorly framed–there’s a certain art to bad restaurant food photography.

This photography genre deserves recognition from the art community to show the artistic side of these hideous culinary portraits, we’ve recruited a famous art critic (name withheld) from ART FORUM magazine to critique each image. Grab a spoon – it’s time to slurp…

1. TITLE: Monkey Butt

[[contentId: 2628221| alt: | style: height:276px; width:400px]]

ART CRITIC: Ah, the world of nature is fascinating – and so is the artistic work of National Geographic photographers. This restaurant food photographer is highly influence by the Nat Geo style; clearly trying to replicated when a monkey is ovulating and the swelling is large and firm with the photo of these wrap sandwiches. Some monkeys have what is called sexual swellings. The females have skin that swells on their back end that is usually red in color. This signals that they are in estrous, or that they are receptive for conception. The swellings vary in size by individual.  

MY TAKE: Before you come in and eat our food, why don’t we show you what a rhesus monkey’s butt looks like?

2. TITLE: Kittens Nursing

[[contentId: 2628223| alt: | style: height:353px; width:500px]]

ART CRITIC: The cycle of life spans and the clear influence shown of famous French cat photographer, Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Clearly, this artistic collage is supposed to provoke imagery of a mother cat nursing her newly born kittens; but instead of a mother cat, it’s a large chicken steak burger that is nursing baby chicken drumsticks. And the cycle of life starts once again.

MY TAKE: Is this image even legal in most countries?

3. Title: Car Crash

[[contentId: 2628225| alt: | style: height:355px; width:498px]]

ART CRITIC: In 1962, Andy Warhol began to cull images of tragic front page news stories; he silkscreened images of fatal car accidents.  Clearly this restaurant owner is taking a nod from Warhol. From a distance, the work makes parallels and diffuses this gruesome image through repetition and deterioration. We, the viewer, become desensitized by how gruesome this sandwich actually is.

MY TAKE: Did this sandwich get hit by a bus?

4. TITLE: Cadaver

[[contentId: 2628227| alt: | style: height:307px; width:477px]]

ART CRITIC: If I attended medical school, this artwork best exemplifies what it would be like to witnessing a procedure done on a medical cadaver

MY TAKE: Bon-fucking-appétit!

5. Title: Gilbert and George

[[contentId: 2628229| alt: | style: height:334px; width:640px]]

ART CRITIC: The conceptual work of British artists Gilbert and George is a major influence here. The duo is known for their brightly colored graphic-style photo-based artworks – which often features such disturbing imagery as large floating pieces of feces. It’s amazing that these legendary artists contributed a new piece of work to this pizza & kebab shop.

MY TAKE: I hope those are shish kababs….

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