Lazy Millennial Lady Wants To Get So Fat She Can’t Move!

We know that millennials are getting increasingly lazy, but this one literally takes the cake. A young woman in Fort Worth, Texas is creating a way for herself to become part of the ULTIMATE moocher class. Monica Riley is trying hard to become the world’s fattest woman; so fat that she is immobile and has to be waited on hand and foot by her Feeder Fetishist boyfriend, Sid. The good news for the taxpayers of Texas is that she will more than likely be dead soon.

Sid is a Feeder who gets off sexually by feeding his morbidly obese girlfriend as much food as possible. In turn Monica gets all hot and sweaty over being stuffed with 8,000 calories a day.  Watch out, these two might turn the Pondarosa buffet   into an X-Rated experience.

The couple’s bizarre relationship is focused on Monica’s extreme food intake with Sid cooking for her every day. In the four months that they have been together she has already gained 56 pounds and is well on her way to being completely sedentary and unable to contribute to society in any meaningful way.

She is looking forward to Sid having to clean her, change her and feed her at all times by the time she is 32. Did I mention they also plan on pooping out a baby? Not sure how the logistics of that would even work.

She calls herself a plus sized “model” which I guess means the social justice warriors are going to force us to say we find her attractive.  Before becoming this weirdo’s science project, Monica, who was already heavy was going to get bariatric weight loss surgery. However, after meeting Sid online she committed to go in the other direction, “embracing her figure” and becoming a fulltime glutton.

The gargantuan gal seems to have life all figured out with her enabling caretaker:

“The plan is to reach 1,000lbs and become immobile. I would feel like a queen because Sid would be waiting on me hand and foot and he’s excited about it too. It’s a sexual fantasy for us and we talk about it a lot. He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed. If I lay down after a big dinner he has to help me roll over because my belly is too full for me to roll – it’s a big turn-on for both of us.”

Jesus Christ, lady! Why can’t they just have a normal hobby like dead pet taxidermy? Some people golf or play Warcraft… these two just eat and fuck their life away.  

Sid, who is of average weight coming in at 220, denies that he is doing this out of some sick effort to control her but is helping her fulfil her dreams. How wonderful! He says;

‘I wouldn’t see caring for Monica as a chore at all. I love her and I love doing things for her – caring for her would be a dream come true.’

He even prepares a shake that he pours down her gullet. The shake is a mixture of Pop Tarts, heavy cream. Milk and weight gain powder coming in at 3,500 calories alone (An average diet is only 2,000 calories).  Her mother is horrified and says Monica is going to kill herself, however Monica must have already eaten all the fucks she doesn’t give. Just watch this video where she explains her desire not to move the rest of her life and get one of those beds with a built in toilet. This generation in completely screwed: