Why Cartoon Fans Will Surely Love The Back Room At This Deli

Moore’s Deli has been at the corner of Third and Orange Grove for a little over three years now.  From the looks of it, you wouldn’t imagine there’s something incredible going on in their back room.

The food was good, and I found out that they run Trivia Nights every Friday, not to mention they have a pretty great beer selection for cheap.

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But aside from their menu and fine dining, it’s what is in the back room that makes Moore’s a greater diner than most.  Exactly one block away is the Cartoon Network headquarters, which some of the animators like to head to Moore’s for lunch.

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After you walk down the hall of Moore’s, you see a glimpse of a dragon’s tale which at first I thought was made by some kid permitted to draw on the walls. 

But after looking at the rest of the art, you realize these aren’t drawings by kids. 

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These are drawings by the actual animators from some of your favorite Cartoon Network shows combined into one geek-filled goodness. Mother of Marge, this is amazing.

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A lot of the artwork is signed, so I couldn’t help but track down one of the signatures so I get a few of my questions answered. 

Kali Fontecchio is a character designer on the Mickey Mouse shorts, and now a freelance character designer for Cartoon Network and Disney.  She explained to her contribution to this character animation-fiesta: “I drew my bit a few years back when Penn Ward and other adventure time people used to go and watch the new episodes on the tv in the back room. A few people had started to draw on the walls sporadically and Moore’s encouraged it. They provided a basket of random markers. I just drew mine right where I was sitting, while I waited for food. I was working at Disney at the time. Every so often someone will tag me in a photo of them just eating there.”

This explains why you’ll see some characters from Disney and Fox, because some of the artists actually freelance from studio to studio.  The more the merrier I say!  But enough talking, let’s check out the rest of the space (including one of Kali’s pieces below!).  I’m already drooling.


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The above cloud piece in particular is pretty cool because it was drawn by Adventure Time creator Pen Ward, signed as Pen.  I tried to get in touch with the guy, but it was a no-go.

Regardless, pretty incredible stuff.  So the next time you’re in Burbank, California (or if ever) stop by Moore’s Delicatessen and check out this one-of-a-kind gallery because there is surely no where else like it.


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