Montana State Lawmaker Wants To Make Yoga Pants Illegal!

If you are a yoga enthusiast in Montana and enjoy wearing tight fitting yoga pants, state representative David Moore may soon make you a criminal.


What seems to be the problem officer?

That’s because Rep. Moore has proposed a bill that would amend the state’s indecent exposure law (a common law in most places that prevents us humans from whipping our dude or lady junk out in pubic) to also include YOGA PANTS.


So to reiterate: if this law passes wearing yoga pants in public in Montana would be on the same level as a guy in a trench coat who flashes his noodle to people in the park.  


The law would not only include yoga pants but any clothing that reveals the nipples of MEN and women, gives the appearance or simulates the buttocks, genitals or PELVIC area.  I guess Montana girls rocking a bikini at the barbeque this summer is out.


Totally thinks yoga pants are repulsive.  Uh-huh.

Moore said “Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway.” So why does Moore have his panties, discreetly hidden beneath his trousers, in a bunch over yoga pants? Back in August a “naked bike ride” occurred in Missoula, Montana where 200 people got totally nude and road bikes through town. This led to Moore wanting to strengthen the indecent exposure laws including his desire to eliminate yoga pants or anything with a nipple. Valentine’s Day at his house is going to be super fun this year.


Looking forward to this guy getting caught with a stash of sweaty, used women’s yoga pants.

If Rep. Moore has his way yoga pants will fall under the indecent exposure law. This means that yoga pant wearing criminals could face a fine of $500 and sixth months in jail for the first offense, for the second yoga pant offense a fine of $1000 or one year in jail and for the third offense and for a third offense no more than five years in jail and a fine of $5000.


Ah, well good luck with your law buddy! Five years in jail for yoga pants sounds super constitutional bro. I hear Saudi Arabia is looking for some men to come up with some fun new laws.

To help Rep. Moore work out all of his issues with yoga pants, here are some choice pics that may soon be illegal in the great state of Montana.



































Source: Billings Gazette

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