Montana Fishburne: Morpheus’ Dirty Daughter

montana fishburne

There are a great many things that one can blame a Kardashian for. From the father trying to help O.J. Simpson be found innocen to the mother helping to turn Bruce Jenner into a woman, or from one daughter draining every last bit of  Lamar Odom’s basketball talent to another helping turn Kanye West from a musical giant into a self-parodying moron. In the pantheon of horrors that is the vast collective evil of things that a Kardashian has done to make America and the world a worse place, it may well be that they have helped make being a celebrity more important than having any talent. This phenomenon can be partially traced to Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape that first made the rounds in 2007, which helped catapult the Kardashian clan into superstardom. Turning a sex tape into a career was also the supposed agenda of Montana Fishburne, daughter of the beloved actor Laurence Fishburne. This story though has a very different ending. So, our first question is:

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Unlike many internet fables of who has or has not made an actual sex tape, Ms. Fishburne most definitely has gotten her freak on for the world to see. Unlike the kind of sex tapes in the early days, with sexual acts surreptitiously recorded and then leaked to the world to see, her “talents” were definitely filmed with her consent and her approval.

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Billed as “An A-list daughter Makes Her XXX Debut,” the one hour tape featured the female spawn of Morpheus doing the usual sexual shenanigans one finds in most garden variety porn, with the notable exception that the girl in question has a rich and famous dad. She was reportedly paid $60,000 by Vivid Entertainment for appearing in the tape, which likely meant Vivid could write off $60,000 on its taxes as “charitable contribution to ensure they are going straight to hell if Larry Fishburne has his way.” Clips are relatively easy to find on the web but are very NSFW, but they won’t make the porn Hall of Fame for steam, variety or originality. Then again, that’s probably not why people watch them anyway.


montana fishburne topless

Perhaps a genie in a bottle granted her a wish, and that wish was to become a porn star. Or perhaps she got conked in the head by that bottle and thought porn star was a euphemism for President of the United States. More likely though is she decided that the real role model she wanted to emulate wasn’t her father, or Maya Angelou, or Minnie Mouse, but that bastion of truth, justice, wisdom and awesomeness: Kim Kardashian. Montana told The Hollywood Reporter “After I turned 18, I started to seriously think about the best way for me to enter [the business]. I was impressed with Kim Kardashian’s success after her tape was released by Vivid and decided to call the company to see if I could arrange a meeting. I met with [founder and co-chairman] Steven Hirsch and convinced him that I knew what I wanted, and we planned my movie debut.”

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that most fathers would be pissed off, embarrassed, and/or ashamed to learn that their little girl got naked and had sex for the camera. Especially a bad ass like Laurence Fishburne. Montana of course played up the familial connection, and unsurprisingly, Larry wasn’t quite the proud papa. She told The Hollywood Reporter “I did talk to my father. He told me he was embarrassed by me. My mom just says, ‘I love you.’ We don’t talk about it every day. She wants me to be happy and doesn’t want me to get dragged into the dark side of porn.”

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On the other hand, or on the bright side if you are a real optimist, maybe porn was actually a step up for Montana. Before you accuse us of having stepped into the Matrix and not knowing up from down, it seems that the then 19-year-old was arrested for solicitation and loitering in a public place for the purpose of prostitution. She got two years probation and community service, but as per E!,  Montana was “ordered to not charge (or attempt to charge) money for sex; have sex in a public place or a place “exposed to public view”; hitchhike or otherwise engage drivers in conversation; and loiter in alleys or public streets “with the intent to solicit acts of prostitution.”

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In a rather touching move of loyalty, some of Laurence Fishburne’s friends tried to do the man a solid and block the tape being circulated, and even hired noted attorney Yale Galanter to get it done. According to TMZ, they made a million dollar offer to Vivid Entertainment’s Steve Hirsch. Hirsch said “It’s true that we had several conversations with Mr. Galanter. We would have stopped shipment but it was too late. We continue to have the utmost respect for all involved.”

So in case you were wondering what “utmost respect” really means, you now have Vivid Entertainment to thank. Imagine what it would feel like if they didn’t have “utmost respect” for her? It would probably involve having Ms. Fishburne cleaning their toilets while wearing a giant Ronald McDonald costume.


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Not surprisingly, Ms. Fishburne has regrets about her naked work behind the camera, as among other things it certainly didn’t help vault her onto the A-list. She told Fox News “I don’t encourage people to go into the porn industry. You’re not going to be famous, or be a movie star. You may end up having a really sucky life. If you look at the celebrity sex tape, these girls are not your average girl next door jumping into porn and for the average girl to get into porn and have those results won’t happen. You have to look at where you come from. My idea is go to school and have life experience but don’t just jump into something blindly and have a big pay day. If you’re going to be going into porn, you have to have a very clear head.”

Although Montana Fishburne was given $60,000 up front for her work, there were supposedly clauses in her contract that would have allowed her to earn up to $250,000. According to sources who worked for Vivid, Montana only got the $60,000 and was quite upset.

She certainly didn’t want to stop getting naked or being in the spotlight, but it seems Vivid was the only big company willing to pay her. Playboy Magazine gave her the veto when she made it known she’d be happy to pose for them.


According to her twitter feed, Montana is now a “certified trainer. certified beauty. certified badass” and is based in Houston, Los Angeles and New York. Her tweets don’t exactly give Walt Whitman a run for his money, as they are often just simple statements like “Tradition,” “Spread Love” or the enormously poetic “& she say cool….”, but at least she’s using a keyboard rather than her ass to express herself.

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Will she ever get a chance to become a real celebrity? She’s still relatively young and crazy stuff happens. If there’s a lesson in this sometimes sad, sometimes weird, and always crazy tale it just may be that if you thought that Keanu Reeves was the dumbest person Larry Fishburne hung out with, you might have been mistaken. Remember – things can get crazy when you deal with The Matrix.