Monopoly Board Game Released With Real Cash

Now when you are playing Monopoly and you want to build a house on Park Place you might actually be able to build a house on Park Place. Well, maybe not quite a house, but instead of pushing that tiny metal car you could buy a real car!

That’ because to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the classic board game Monopoly being sold in France, Hasbro is filling 80 editions of the game there with real cash totaling 20,580 Euros or about $23,268.

Wait, I thought Euros were Monopoly money? Economics SNAP!

In addition to the 80 first prize winners, 10 sets will also include five real 20 Euro, two 50 Euro and one 100 euro bank notes.

Another 69 sets will include five 10 Euro and one 100 Euro bank notes; Or as parents will tell their children, “One 10 Euro to go buy yourself a chocolate.”

Who wouldn’t want to play Monopoly with real cash? Maybe if you’re the type of person who chooses to be the old shoe instead of the car.

Employees met in secret to fill packages with real cash which made the boxes slightly heavier: so heads up French people; weigh your Monopoly boxes before purchase! Just like in real life I enjoy watching my friends and family go bankrupt as I make more and more money. So to celebrate here are some of the other strangest special editions of Monopoly. Which one is your favorite?

1. The Beatles Monopoly

2. Metallica Monopoly

3. Best Buy Stores Monopoly

4. My Little Pony Monopoly

5. National Parks Monopoly

6. AC/DC Monopoly

7. City Of Lagos, Nigeria Monopoly

8. Star Wars Monopoly

9. Back To The Future Monopoly

10. A Christmas Story Monopoly

11. Rudolph Monopoly

Source: The Guardian 

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