Did This Crazy Guy Mean To Punch A Multi-Million Dollar Painting? He Says No.

An Irish man who punched a hole through one of the world’s most famous and expensive paintings will go to jail for his little outburst. Andrew Shannon, 49, punched a massive hole through Claude Monet’s “Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sail Boat” that dates back to 1874. He received a six-year sentence for his aggravated assault against art.

Shannon’s stunt happened back in 2012 at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin. A couple witnessed Shannon lunge at the painting with his fist causing it to split in three different tears. Then he fell on the painting and the wall as if he suffered some kind of sudden dizzy spell. He told police and the court that he fell into the painting causing it to tear, claiming it was was due to a heart condition for which he underwent a quadruple-bypass operation to clear several blocked arteries.

Andrew Shannon. Painting-puncher.

Doctors testified that only 1 in 100 people would suffer from such spells and if he did fall, he wouldn’t be able to get up again so easily. The couple who witnessed the attack also claim they saw Shannon deliberately punch the painting, then fall into the wall. The bad news is that he may be going to jail but his flop could get him a pretty sweet job as a FIFA star.

Luckily, security cameras at the gallery had footage of Shannon’s weird “spasm”, which you can see and judge below.

The court not only sentenced Shannon to six years in prison but he’s also been banned from every art gallery in the country for the rest of his life. We’re sure there are some Velvet Elvis paintings in Ireland that he can beat up on if he needs to release his aggression.

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source: Daily Mail