Mom Walks In To Find Daughters Twerking On Camera And Does Not Take It Well

Leave it to decrepit ol’ mom to not understand what all the COOL KIDS™ are doing these days. Twerking may be all the rage, but you know what’s even better than twerking? Watching for when this mom walks in to find daughters twerking on camera:


That’s way better than any good twerking video you can find. Don’t believe me? Here, have a bunch of twerking gifs and try to tell me these are better than watching mom dish out some mild child abuse:

Alright, I’ll admit — this one is pretty fire. I may have to start cherry-picking the bad ones…

…much better.

Mom Walks In To Find Daughters Twerking On Camera: The Discipline We Need

And good on this mom for whackin’ her kids around with a slipper. Y’all don’t needa be twerking. These girls are what, 16? 15? I went to an all-ages music festival a couple weekends ago and I can’t tell you how many dipshit 15-year-olds were twerking to Eminem when he got up on stage. Dude is performing “Stan” (aka one of the most depressing songs he’s got in his back pocket), and all these literal CHILDREN are twerking.

That’s just not appropriate.

Yeah – the youth are doomed, which means the rest of us are fucked too. Why are we putting children into cages at the border when we could just send them to this mom to get whacked around instead? Way less depressing to read about, a lot more fun to watch.