Mom Starts Receiving Death Threats After Joke She Made On Facebook Goes Horribly Wrong

Every time I see a joke on the Internet that gets people all riled up and pitchfork-y, I think of Eddie Murphy talking about gay people during one of his stand-up routines in the 80s:

(If you think that’s funny, check out his Raw stand-up routine.)

Now, if Murphy went and said ANY of that today people would be lining up to write angry tweets and outraged blog posts — dude’s not in any danger of any real repercussions because if there’s anything 2018 loves more than getting fired up over nothing, it’s doing literally nothing after getting fired up. This brings me to 25-year-old Layla Densham’s post on the UK-based HMP Banter Facebook page:

Though the post has been deleted, things initially started getting out of hand after people in the group started sharing the post publicly. The post quickly attracted over 1,000 comments, with people being outraged and even going so far as to send Layla death threats.

Granted, it’s not really funny – the story is too realistic for it to come across like a gag, so I get why people took it seriously. “The post is not real,” Layla explains to Mirror. “I mean, if it was then why would I post it all over the Internet? There are loads of other posts on the page that are worse than that but none have got to this level.”

“It was a post I made up because I keep seeing posts on Facebook slating single moms. People post all kinds of things on the page but none of it is taken seriously, it’s a joke and people can see it’s just a banter page.”

Idiots are everywhere, you just need to know where to look

Layla, take it from me, a person whose job it is to find dumb shit people have done on the Internet to share with the world: there is no limit to how stupid people are. Is it common sense not to post dumb shit on the Internet? Yes…

…but it’s not like that’s ever stopped anyone before.

Layla goes on to say that she deleted the post because of all the death threats and that it “wasn’t meant to get shared anywhere else, it was meant to stay in the banter group like every other post does.”

Yeah Layla, well the road to Hell is paved with good intentions – so instead of doing your best you may as well half-ass everything and take the 50/50 odds you make it into heaven instead.

[H/T Mirror]