Mom Shares Family Photo With Her Deceased Husband On Facebook To Prove A Point

Hearing about someone’s addiction, watching reality television about addiction or reading news about the death of someone with addiction isn’t quite giving us the reality of the situation and it’s a wonder people decide to start using drugs like meth or heroin because we all know how bad that crap is. Well one mom in Ohio has decided to take one of the more disturbing family photos to prove that drugs, especially heroin, only lead to one thing if you choose to start doing them.

The rest of the caption reads:

I know a lot of people may be upset I’m putting it out in the open like This but hiding the facts is only going to keep this epidemic going. The cold hard truth is heroin kills. You may think it will never happen to you but guess what that’s what Mike thought too. We were together 11 years. I was there before it all started. I knew what he wanted out of this life, all his hopes and dreams. He never would’ve imagined his life would turn out this way. He was once so happy and full of life. He was a great son, brother, friend but most importantly he was a great dad. He loved those kids more than anything. But as we all know sometimes life gets tough and we make some wrong choices. His addiction started off with pain pills then inevitably heroin. He loved us all so much he decided enough was enough and went to rehab at the end of last year. He got out right before Christmas as a brand new man. He had found His purpose for living again, he found his gorgeous smile again, he became the man, the son, the brother, the dad that we all needed him to be again. He did so good for so long but then a couple months ago It started with a single pill for a “tooth ache” which inevitably lead him back down the road of addiction instead of staying the coarse of recovery. He said he could handle it, that he could stop on his own and didn’t need to get help again. Well he was wrong, last Wednesday he took his last breath. My kids father, the man I loved since I was a kid, a great son and a great person lost his battle. I just needed to share his story in case it can help anyone else.
No one likes going to a funeral, let alone the funeral of a man with two young kids who will grow up to barely remember their father so Eva Holland decided to use her situation to try to warn others who might have the same problems. It’s a little morbid that the family is smiling in the photo, but their point is pretty clear nevertheless.
Even though most people probably wish Eva wouldn’t share such a horrifying photo on her facebook page, a place where one might come across the picture without mentally preparing themselves for it, she’s actually getting more of a positive reaction for her warning to others. The photo from her very own facebook page has received almost 300,000 shares with comments from people who have experienced the same loss caused by addiction.
Eva’s husband was only 26-years-old and recovered from his heroin addiction but had recently relapsed and passed away earlier this month.
How would you react if you came across this photo on your facebook page? Is it appropriate or should she have posted this elsewhere?