Supportive Mom Arrested For Helping Son Take ‘Facebook Fire Challenge’

When it comes to parenting, there are many schools of thought. Some people prefer an authoritarian approach, focusing on obedience and discipline. Others take a more hands-off attitude, allowing children to make their own mistakes, and hopefully learn from them. But while there are many varying styles of raising children, all of them seem to agree on one key principle: kids should not set themselves on fire.

Janie Talley doesn’t adhere to this orthodoxy. In fact, when it comes to parenting, you might describe Talley as a real renegade. And like most trailblazers who try to buck the system, the man is trying to keep her down.

Talley, 41, was arrested last week and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Why? Simply because she helped her son make a video. Of course the video in question was a “Facebook Fire Challenge,” which consisted of her son standing in a shower, pouring nail-polish remover on his chest, and lighting it on fire. But even so, it’s nice to see a parent who takes an interest in her child’s hobbies.

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Here’s an artist’s rendition of what happened.

After Tally’s son lit himself on fire, he panicked and ran from the bathroom. He suffered minor burns on his chest and neck, and two other children were also injured while attempting to put out the flames. 

Tally was arrested after someone who knew her informed authorities about the incident. Police were also able to see what happened for themselves since the family still put the video on Facebook despite the boy’s injuries. It just goes to show that a good mother is always proud of her children, even when they fail. (Source)