This Woman Claims Her G-Cup Breast Implants Make Her A Better Mom

A good mother is always there to scoop you up and kiss your boo-boos, to cut the crust of your sandwich, and to look amazing in a bikini. Tamsin Wade was once a bad mom, but now she’s an awesome mom thanks to her brand new boobs.

When the birth of her son deflated the 19-year-old mother’s breasts, it left her feeling flat and self-conscious to the point that she wouldn’t take him out into the cruel, big boob-expectant world.

“I was unable to go swimming with Finley as I felt so self-conscious,” she said. “I was forced to wear baggy clothes to hide my figure and getting into a bikini made me feel so uncomfortable that me and Finley had never been swimming. I started to shy away from going out at all as I just felt so bad about myself.”

But now, thanks to surgical implants (and a $8,500 bank loan), Wade is beyond happy and confident. She’s feeling so good about herself that she and her toddler are venturing out into the world and partaking in all the child and mommy activities that require a two-piece bathing suit. She’s even starting to join mommy and me groups, where I’m sure she is really popular with the other mommies.

“I feel comfortable to take him abroad now too as I won’t mind wearing skimpy clothes and bikinis … We will probably go on a last minute holiday,” says Wade.

So, cheers to Tamsin Wade, who is now the best mom ever. June Cleaver looks like a real dickhead in comparison. (Source)