Kid Trapped in the Car? Sure, But Don’t Break the Windows

Imagine what kind of spectacular jerk you’d have to be to think like the woman in this story, and what kind of tragic life her poor kid is going to live.  So there’s a city in China called Yiwu where some people became alerted to a 3 year old trapped in the back seat of a BMW.  The day was getting pretty hot and this kid was clearly in a bad situation. Hell, we have PSA’s warning you about leaving dogs in hot cars, you certainly don’t leave a toddler in one.

Naturally, concerned citizens called for help and the fire department arrived.  But here’s the thing, he kid’s mom was there the entire time.  She’d either lost her keys or locked them in the car, but either way, she told the firefighters to not damage her car.  Instead, her plan was to wait for a locksmith to show up so that she wouldn’t have to endure a broken window.

Meanwhile, the kid in this car is literally screaming for help and is clawing at the windows because he’s basically stuck in an oven while his mom stands outside the door, which has to be a bit of an emotional nut punch for anyone in a situation like that, but especially a small child.

Luckily, firefighters don’t give a squirt about your windows in a situation like this, so they busted those things wide open to get the child out.

So far the woman has just been mocked soundly on the internet for being a bit of a monster and terrible, terrible mother. She could have used a dose of her own medicine though, which is what happened recently in Ohio when police were called to a Wal Mart parking lot after customers discovered a dog locked in a hot car. The responding officer waited until the owner returned and then in a display of total police badassery ordered the woman to get into her car, roll up the windows and just sit there so she could experience what the dog experienced.

No word on exactly how long she endured her car’s heat, but the officer said she looked pretty uncomfortable by the time he let her go with just a warning.  Not entirely sure if a police officer has the authority to do that at all, but now that you hear about it, doesn’t it sound like a good idea?  Sometimes the best way to deal with an ignorant person is to just make them the victims of their own ignorance.

Still taking the cake for negligent parenting, however, is the man who went to a strip club and left his kid in the car while he went inside.  And this happened at about 1 am.  The man went to the club, left his 7 year old in the car, and enjoyed some dancing girls for about an hour while the kid slept until police arrived and charged her father with felony child neglect because come on.  Seriously?