Mom Calls Police To School: Thinks Son’s Slang Meant Shooting Was Happening!

Here is another example of how liberal PC culture has turned America’s once great suburbs into complete PUSSY zones. If parents taught their children to use and respect guns and their second amendment rights then this STUPID misunderstanding would not have happened. We have no one else to thank but Obama. Thanks Obama!

That is because according to a user on Reddit with the username SphincterMan410, his mom FREAKED OUT and called the cops to his high school after he texted her the words “SHOTS FIRED!”

Now normally a good woman will know her way around a firearm and not be afraid in such a scenario. If she was informed that her son was in a location where shots were indeed fired she would not be alarmed because she would know that her child as also armed and trained in how to use his weapon. However since we are living in Obama’s America this frightened mother knows that when her son is at school he is in a GUN FREE ZONE and therefore left completely defenseless against the potential physical threat.

Luckily however, there was no armed intruder to the school. Rather the teenager was engaging in a texting conversation with his mother. Which I guess is a thing now. Like I said, America has become a PUSSY ZONE.  He explains in the post what went down while he was at his LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL. He was almost out the door and almost lost it all:

“The class was presenting our final speeches and after nailing my presentation on ancient artifacts in Egypt, I felt cocky and ready for college to start. We still had about an hour left in class and since I presented in the beginning, I had to wait for all my other classmates to go. I brought my phone out and started texting my some friends and my Mom. Meanwhile, this girl who my whole family particularly did not like, was presenting for the class on caffeine consumption and was butchering the whole thing, very cringe. I was letting my Mom know how bad she was doing in the hopes we could both for happiness in this girls misfortune.”

“Unfortunately for me, my Mom thought it was hilarious and responded with a couple mean texts. Laughing while I read them, I responded with, “SHOTS FIRED.”


For those of you who don’t understand what that means, it is basically saying like oooooohhhhhhhhhh burrrrnnnnnnn. As soon as I sent that text however, I got in trouble for having my phone out and was asked to put it away which I did. I didn’t hear the countless phone calls or the numerous texts. By the time I checked my phone five minutes later, I saw I had missed a bunch of calls and text messages. I checked my texts and saw my Mom freaking out asking if I was ok and that she had called the cops. I literally uttered, “fuck” in which my friend next to me turned and asked what was wrong. I didn’t respond but raised my hand in the hopes I could be excused to go to the office and explain what happened before the swat team showed up.”

“However someone new was now presenting and the teacher refused to call on me and kept on giving me a glare to put my hand down. I was about to just leave when the door opens behind me. It’s our Vice Principal and a police officer. I am ushered out of the class and my friends are all thinking that I’m about to get arrested. I try explaining what happened, that my mom was making fun of a girl in a class and I responded with shots fired as a diss but they were furious and didn’t understand. I was ushered into the office where I was met with the eyes of the entire office staff staring me down. I was put into my vice principals office and awaited judgement.”

“Now our vice principal is a pretty cool guy but I was still freaking out. When he came in, I tried explaining everything again and showed him the texts. However he still didn’t understand the, “shots fired” meaning and proceeded to go onto Urban Dictionary to figure it out. He now finally understood it and started laughing. However I wasn’t off the hook. Turns out the whole police force was ready to head to my school and the school was on lockdown. I wasn’t getting off that easy, likely suspension.”

“I started sweating bullets and saw my dreams of freedom at college slowly disappear. At this point the head principal came in and just started staring at me. It was literally like five minutes of him just staring at me and me staring back. Total alpha shit. He finally said, who do you think you are staring at” in which I responded, “I’m staring at you.” Obviously not helping my case. He proceeded to have me explain the story to him as well and he also didn’t understand the whole, “shots fired” thing.”

“He proceeded to tell me that this whole thing wouldn’t of happened if I only I didn’t use my phone during class. Ultimately they decided to let me cross the stage but gave me in-school suspension for a phone violation on my last day of high school. When I drove home I saw my Mom crying on my porch because she though i was dead from a school shooting. Took a while to calm her down with lots of apologies. Felt like the worse child ever seeing my Mom cry like that. A couple years later, it’s kind of a joke in my family and we will always say shots fired when someone dissing another.”

Just another example of why we need guns in schools!!!