Is This Gross: Mom Posts Image Of Her Breastfeeding Her Friend’s Son

It’s one thing to raise your kids how you want because that’s your business. But it’s another if you post a picture on facebook of you handling your parental business for all the world to see, because that’s just really inviting the peanut gallery to tell you what exactly you’re doing wrong as a parent. In this case, it’s what a parent is doing to her friend’s son that is causing so much controversy. Add an image of her breastfeeding her son’s friend, well, then you just have a tornado of comments tell you that you’re disgusting.


Jessica Anne Colletti pictured above is breastfeeding not only her son, but her friend’s son as well. Her actual son is on the right. The one saying “That’s my mom’s teet your feeding off of so watch your step, son” with his eyes. Of course there are people that are pro “Milk Siblings” as bizarre of a term as that sounds like this writer for Huffington Post, but a part of me also says no thanks.

Sure, do what you want, I’m not here to judge at all. BUT, if my mom told me I drank from her friend’s boob when I was a toddler, I’d be pretty grossed out. And so are a bunch of other people after seeing the initial facebook post.

And then there are the people that are all for it.

Of course no one is going to jail over this, nor is it any sort of crime but it certainly does form an opinion from anyone that sees the image and story with the post receiving over 500 comments and 126 shares since August 8th.

So the question is…would you let a friend breastfeed your child?