Models Falling Down: Funny or Not?

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Question: What do giraffes and runway models have in common? Answer: Incredibly, ridiculously skinny limbs that are prone to wobbling especially if they step wrong. Couple that with extremely high-heeled shoes and it’s a disaster waiting to happen. The laws of physics just don’t allow for such a combination. Giraffes know better and don’t wear high heels but high fashion models don’t, so when it comes time for a fashion show, there are many opportunities for models falling down. This happens quite frequently during the various fashion weeks around the globe on many international catwalks. Fashion week is when fashion designers and fashion brands showcase their latest designs to the media and retail buyers. The most notable ones are in the fashion capitals of the world; New York, Paris, Milan and London. Designers reveal their fall and winter collections from January through April while spring and summer fashions debut from September through November. This means models of many nationalities get the opportunity to fall down while strutting down the narrow platform or stage those in the business call a runway or catwalk. And judging from the plethora of models falling down videos on the web, this happens more often than not. There is even a collection of models falling down compilation videos! However, when model fall, they can’t really blame the runway. What they can blame are the insanely high shoes that fashion designers make them wear. This is notorious in the modeling world for being one of the hazards of the job – next to serious drug addiction and dating dumb professional athletes.


 In 2008, Australian fashion model, Abbey Lee Kershaw fell while modeling for fashion line, Rodarte and tore a ligament in her knee. She couldn’t work for the rest of the fashion season since she had to have surgery. After her fall, she commented to a TV show, “Hopefully [the shoes are] going to come back down soon because health and safety regulations have to come into play at some point.” Health and safety regulations? And people who work with ebola patients thought they had it bad.

Abbey is wearing a suit and later, falls to the right of the stage:

Also in 2008, during Milan Fashion week when she was modeling for Versace’s Spring 2012 collection, the then-17 year old model Lindsey Wixson fell and sprained her ankle. She also almost took out a fellow model in the process. Check it out in the below video. What is she wearing? Glass shoes? Cinderella couldn’t even keep those on her feet!

Lindsey  seems to need some refresher courses on walking since in another runway show, she fell 4 times during her walk.  Maybe it’s time to just stick to print ad work, Lindsey.


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Even long standing fashion icons can be dangerous. Canadian model Meghan Collison worked the Chanel resort show in Versailles, France and wore Chanel shoes entirely made of hard plastic. She said they destroyed the back of her feet but “At least the shoes looked amazing.” Wonder if Meghan could have filed for disability?

 chanel shoes



Before we enjoy laughing at some pretty young girl’s expense, let’s debate whether it’s cool to laugh at models falling down. For some reason, when a model falls while strutting, it touches our funny bone. Is this just human nature or is it some kind of sick schadenfreude because the normal person doesn’t look the way models do and it’s good to know they can look stupid too? One side of the argument says we absolutely should not laugh since these people are just doing their job and it’s not their fault they have to wear stupid, outrageous shoes. We also should keep in mind that many of these models are in their teens and may not have the emotional maturity to handle such a faux-pas especially when it happens in front of the world. Then, there are those who say, screw these giraffe people. If they and their “Zoolander-like” industry didn’t take themselves so seriously, perhaps the rest of us low fashion folk wouldn’t find it so hilarious when they literally and figuratively take a fall. Well, whatever side you are on, here are some of the amusing models falling down videos.

This Italian model gets the award for being a trooper. Not only does she fall into the swimming pool, what’s funny is that nobody reacts or helps her as she gets out of pool. Later, she walks during the finale despite being soaking wet.

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In one of the most bizarre videos, a samurai fails to do a back flip while a clueless model falls right through a hole the samurai left in the runway which begs the question, “What is a samurai doing there in the first place?”

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Famous people fall on their asses too. During a Los Angeles fashion show, Carmen Electra falls while wearing super high heels and when a  model comes to help her, she falls too!


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Who is in charge of runway safety? In this video, a woman falls right through the runway. You would think these things were made better.


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When it comes to plus size models falling, the jokes are obvious. Here’s what happens when America’s Next Top-Heavy Model contestants take a tumble as they strut their stuff.

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Models falling down is an equal opportunity act. Here, a male model slips and falls. What’s his excuse? He was wearing flat shoes! Perhaps toweling off the runaway will become a future profession.


Written by Vicky Choy