Mistletoe Drone Ripped A Chunk Out Of Someone’s Face

Drones are one of the new, hot toy items that shoppers are looking to give as gifts and frankly, we’re a little scared. Sure they aren’t the drones that the military uses to blow away terrorist suspects but they are giant metal robots that stay in the air thanks to rapidly spinning blades. Does it sound like we’re overreacting? Take a look at what a mistletoe toting drone did to someone at a New York City restaurant. 

You’re looking at something that was almost a good idea. 

TGI Friday’s announced a clever new holiday promotion in which they would fly a drone carrying a strand of mistletoe over couples or confused strangers in their restaurants and give them the chance to carry out a festive holiday tradition. The restaurant held a demonstration at one of their locations in New York City for the Brooklyn Daily newspaper. The drone operator let the reporter take it for a spin and it crashed into the face of one of his photographers. The collision actually made a huge cut on his face. 

Here’s the aftermath of the Brooklyn Daily photographer’s attempt to catch a drone with his face. 

We’re not sure if this means that TGI Friday’s is going to suspend their mistletoe drone copter mission because they are worried about decapitating a paying customer during their meal. The good news is that if they decide to stick with it, blood red is actually a very festive color for Christmas. 

Maybe it’s just ketchup from some Loaded Fries?

Source: Gizmodo