Missouri Man Kills 15 Foot Long, 160 Pound Python In Backyard!

A man in Missouri has killed a very large snake measuring almost 15 feet long and weighing nearly 160 pounds. People have reacted swiftly sharing photos of the creature across social media.

I got a snake, mang.

Now, I know what you are thinking; “I can’t take another day of internet outrage! Please just let my Facebook feed go back to pictures of babies and giant burritos.” Well you are in luck! Nobody is outraged. It was a slithering snake and snakes are not majestic kings of the jungle. They are sharing images of the carnivores Burmese Python because he is so dang big!

Plus to make matters worse for this guy, he has a pretty long rap sheet. Small animals have disappeared; the neighborhood in Warren County was absolutely terrified, keeping children in doors, the snake even went after someone’s poodle. The python kills its prey by suffocating animals and then swallowing them whole; like a competitive hot dog eater, but with cats.

In the early morning Pauline Horstdaniel heard her dogs barking and knew that that pesky snake was out there up to no good. She grabbed her husband and he grabbed his gun. Only thing; Mr. Horstdaniel only had a puny handgun. This would not be enough to take down the SyFy channel level monster roaming outside in their backyard. So they called in for backup: Pauline called her father in law who rushed over to the home with his shotgun. BOOM.

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The strange part of this story is that Burmese Pythons are not native to Missouri, but come from.. wait for it.. Burma. Wildlife officials believe the snake was bought from an exotic pet store and later released when the owners couldn’t handle taking care of it any longer; something that unfortunately happens often. Thankfully they don’t buy and release lions into the suburbs… yet.

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Source: Fox2Now