Total Freak Uses Military Gravestones To Build Patio

There could be a plausible explanation for this and I’m sure anyone with an ounce of decency would love to hear it but until then, this guy has more than earned his title as a “total freak.” Feel free to come up with your own title for him below in the comments but that seems appropriate for someone who turns military headstones into an outdoor patio.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Navy veteran Ed Harkereader of Mountain Home, Ark. heard about the headstone patio and took a drove out to the home located in Ozark County, Mo. to see it for himself. When he saw that the story he heard was true, he started taking pictures of the house and posting them on Facebook. He also tried to reach the property owner but no one came to do the door probably because someone so evil would melt in the presence of daylight.

The National Cemetery Administration and the Veterans’ Affairs’ Inspector General’s Office are both conducting investigations into the home and how the owner got these headstones. A quick check of the names on some of the headstones revealed they came from grave sites as far away as California. If the headstones were old or replaced, a spokesperson for the National Cemetery Administration said protocol requires them to be destroyed and not “used for any kind of home improvement project.” If they had to make that an actual rule in the National Cemetery Administration guidebook, then we’re more screwed up as a species than we thought possible.