Miss Colombia Contestant Kicked Off Pageant Because Of This Bikini Pic

The Miss Colombia pageant has some pretty strict rules, which 21-year old contestant Paola Builes just found out after these modeling shots were deemed too risque.

Avert your eyes and wash your soul in holy water!

Judges for the competition recently reviewed the images, and came to the decision that the bikini is below the acceptable size, breaching the rules of the contest. If you ask me, it’s way more conservative than most bikinis we see nowadays.

It especially smarts because a rival competitor allegedly leaked the modeling images to the judges, who were already rumored to have deemed Builes the winner. But, now with this bikini shot, she’s been completely banned. Kind of a shame really.

Judges prefer granny-sized bottoms.

Contestants are actually allowed to take paid modelling jobs, even for bikini companies as long as the pictures are “tasteful”. And apparently in Colombia, this is the opposite of tasteful. So what do you guys think? Should she have been banned from the contest?

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source: Mirror