Forget The Presidential Election, “Miss Bum Bum” Needs Your Vote

November is a time when America chooses their next leader and so far, the possible nominees aren’t looking so good. So let’s focus on another outstanding November election happening a few countries over in Brazil. They will soon be having their 2015 “Miss Bum Bum” election and these ladies are really going to need your help! Why? Because the final round is a public vote.

My question is who the hell won last year. As of right now, it’s kind of tough to judge which of these ladies should win this year’s crown but one woman had the bum to beat them all. Meet 22-year-old Miss Carvahlo, last year’s winner of Miss Bum Bum 2014. Yessir!

[[contentId: 2877874| alt: | style: height:324px; width:511px]]

That truly is quite the bum bum.

Right now, the competition has over 500 contestants that will soon be narrowed down to 27 bums. After that, the 27 will be narrowed down to 15 and those 15 will be put to a public vote. God bless Brazil. Why let some stiff old judges have all of the fun. The best part is really anyone with an internet connection can vote for who they think 2015’s Miss Bum Bum should be.

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The competition started five years ago with this year being the first to have the public vote in the final round. The first round of 27 women out of the 500 have yet to be chosen because the start of the competition is still a few weeks away, but I have my voting hand all ready to go after getting a peak at these contestants. Pun intended.