Parrot Returns After 4 Years, Now Speaks Spanish

When a British man living in Torrance, California lost his pet parrot four years ago, he thought it was gone for good. However, his long-lost pet was recently returned to him – now fluent in Spanish.


After disappearing in 2010, Nigel the Parrot recently turned up in a Southern California backyard muttering “What happened?,” in Spanish and repeatedly mentioning a guy named Larry. He also now is capable of making a really mean paella.


With the help of a local veterinarian, the African gray parrot’s home was found via its sales papers.


The owner was astonished by the bird’s return, although Nigel has lost his proper British accent and even bit his once owner.


So where has Nigel been this entire time? Clearly, he’d run off and joined a cult. Violent outbursts and obsessions with figureheads (in this case, “Larry”) are common among those returning to society after being held and brainwashed against their will. The veterinarians theorize that Nigel will gradually return to his former self in return for food. It may be a long road to recovery, as he must be having a difficult identity crisis. Who does Nigel see when he stares into his little mirror with the little jingly balls hanging from it?

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