Tough Bikers Befriended A Disabled 5-Year-Old After She Was Bullied

The motorcycle dudes from the show Sons of Anarchy aren’t exactly known for being the nicest guys in town. Everyone on that show is an awesome bad ass, but let’s face it – all the characters on that show were pretty damn horrible and certainly didn’t give motorcycle clubs the greatest rep. But The Punishers of New Mexico will probably change your preconceived notions about motorcycle clubs.

Despite the tough and aggressive name of the Albuquerque-based club, they are a sweet bunch of guys. In fact, some of them are nurses, firefighters, and police officers so it’s their aim to help people. And that’s exactly what they did for a mentally disabled 5-year-old girl who was getting bullied at school.

When The Punishers found out that the girl (who chose to remain anonymous) was assaulted on the way home from school, they came together and wanted to do something to make her feel empowered. The club partnered with local defense group Shockwave to surprise her.

“We rounded up all the bikes and we rode over to the little girl’s house and said ‘hi,’” said Punisher member Aaron Holmes to KRQE.

Norman Gonzalez, president of the Albuquerque chapter of the Punishers added, “We told her that we are always there for her no matter what.”

To have an entire motorcycle club of bad asses in your corner is probably not a bad thing. It’s probably  the most empowering thing ever. I’m pretty sure all of the girl’s bullies will stop harassing her. If not, then God help them.