Want A Minion Vitamin? Look Twice Because This Is Minion Ecstasy

Before you bring your kid another Minion vitamin, double check to make sure that it’s not actually Minion ecstasy.

Smugglers were recently detained for carrying what looked like a children’s drawing kit in Chile. Turns out, the innocent looking stash of vitamins and a coloring book in a plastic bag was actually just a ton of ecstasy in disguise. Now those are the kinda pills that will really show ya some “dream works”.

How many pills were exactly found? Over 100. Authorities say the men were headed toward Sydney, Austrailia. Why Austrailia exactly, no one seems to be sure but we assume there’s some big fun-loving adult Minions fans who reside there.

Personally, I’ve never taken ecstasy before and not sure if I ever will but if I do, I wouldn’t mind taking one in the shape of a Minion. Those little creatures are whacked out of their gourd but seem to be having a lot of fun on whatever drug they’re on. C’mon, you know they’re on something.