Cereal Is Getting The Pumpkin Spice Treatment Because Nothing Is Sacred

Autumn is the season for having a few favorite staples; changing leaves, light jackets and unfortunately pumpkin spice. Apparently people can’t get enough pumpkin spice flavored things in their life and now it’s taking over OTHER more enjoyable flavors such as cereal.

Kellogg has announced that it plans to temporarily ruin your favorite cereal Mini-Wheats by making them pumpkin spice flavored. Let’s just hope they keep the NORMAL Mini-Wheats around during this time period because we refuse to become a pod-person and eat that crap.

That image honestly makes our stomachs turn.

Sure, I like to indulge in pumpkin spice beer when September hits, but frankly after maybe two bottles, I’m good for the rest of the season, let alone try to swallow an entire box of it.  Just look at these Mini-Wheats up close. They look like they’ve been covered with Mad Hatter Disease.

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Kellogg’s brand new flavor is already hitting store shelves because companies just can’t wait to capitalize on this junk so if you’re REALLY looking forward to eating pumpkin spice and not in the pie form, be on the lookout. I’ll stick with toast and coffee just to be safe.