MillerCoors Sued for Claiming That Blue Moon Is A Craft Beer

Evan Parent, a home brewer from San Diego, California, filed a lawsuit against MillerCoors over claims that their Blue Moon brand is a craft beer. The lawsuit says that the specific and trademarked phrase “Artfully Crafted” is a deceptive marketing practice designed to trick consumers into thinking they are buying a true craft beer when in fact, they are buying a beer from MillerCoors.

This guy will sue over crappy beer!

The Brewers Association, a national trade group for craft beer makers, established the definition of a craft beer as one that has less than a 25 percent stake of ownership in a “megabrewer” and produces less than 6 million barrels a year. Naturally, the Brewers Association doesn’t include MillerCoors brands in their craft beer listings because it does not meet such a definition and also because they have working taste buds. 

MillerCoors issued a statement that Parent’s lawsuit “lacked merit” and denied allegations that they ever tried to hide their ownership in the Blue Moon brand. Either way, this must be the only time in judicial history that potential jurors will actually want to serve on a jury. Every federal civil lawsuit should include a free beer tasting. 

America has a weird definition of what constitutes a good beer. We’re in the mids t of a craft beer revolution with home brewers making all kinds of exciting and delicious new brews and yet we’re still buying brands that don’t even deserve to call themselves beer. Hell, they don’t deserve to be called used bathwater that’s safe to drink. Finally, someone is doing something about by taking one of the biggest and most overrated breweries in the world to court over one of its most popular brands. 

Source: NBC San Diego