The Millennium Falcon Is Under-Construction For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

After sitting through the Star Wars prequels, it’s easy to understand why fans might be skeptical about the upcoming sequels. But even the most jaded nerds among us can’t help but get excited over these pics of an under-construction Millennium Falcon.

The photos were snapped at a construction site in England, and also include what appears to be an X-Wing Fighter. Director J.J. Abrams has stated that unlike George Lucas, he plans to rely on practical effects whenever possible, eschewing the over-reliance on CGI that plagued Episodes I, II, and III. Hopefully, this will give the sequels the same look and feel of the original trilogy.

So what to you think? Do these pics make your lightsabers fully extend, or do you still think the sequels are going to **** our childhood in the small thermal exhaust port right below the main port?

Sorry, I’m really bad a euphemisms.

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