Millenial Model Tried To Get A Nose Job For $11, Gets What He Pays For

The saying “you get what you pay for” comes to mind in this scenario. A young “model” who had actually received plenty of work in magazines and in commercials decided he wanted to cheat nature and get a nose job to make his face a little more appealing. Not out of the ordinary for someone in his line of work. Unfortunately, he thought $11 would get him far but the only distance his career went after the nose job would be to the hospital.

The worst part is the kid didn’t even go to some quack surgeon to get it done. He actually went to a beautician. That’s right, a beautician. And do you know what she did for $11? She injected WAX into his nose. There’s no explanation why wax was thought to be a good idea but I assume so he could then mold his nose to however he wanted it to look? I’m reaching, but that’s all I got.

Here’s the before and after pics below. I warn you, they’re pretty gnarly.

The young man says the only modelling jobs he can get now are to dress up as a monster for Halloween parties. At least the timing is decent, business will be booming for the next two months for this guy.

The police are now trying to track down the beautician who did the brilliant work for this kid. This story took place in the Philippines so who knows if their police force will be able to catch the beautician on the run. Hopefully so. As for this kid, he’s been having multiple procedures to fix his scarred nose. His brains however, no one can fix that mess.

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