Do Miley Cyrus’ Ice Cream Cone Pasties Make You Hungry Or Sick?

If you didn’t know, New York Fashion Week is in full swing as we speak. And if you did know but don’t care, well, I don’t blame you. On a more interesting note, Miley Cyrus went to an after party for designer Alexander Wang wearing only ice cream cone pasties, pot leaf earrings, and some glitter. The sunglasses covered in what looks like medication really topped it off.

Of course aside from the press photos and Cyrus’ own instagram account, she took video of her pastie outting as well.

This may actually seem kind of mild at this point for the 21-year old pop star but considering how she turned the VMA’s on its ear without the use of her tongue or body but instead rasing awareness to homeless teens, I guess she felt the need to bring it back to the money maker for one night. Not much else makes the press these days. I know. Guilty.

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source: Daily Mail