Miley Cyrus: Hot Adult Or Annoying Brat?

Miley Cyrus was a Disney star but really doesn't want to be that anymore. She doesn't want you to see her as Hannah Montana so much as "super edgy" or "adult" or "annoying slut." It's an interesting time in her career to say the least.

And even though she doesn't have anything to promote, she has released a new photoshoot for us to stare at:

She's flipping us off! So edgy, Miley...


Oh look! She's twerking! Someone, give her her adult card!


Smoking? Man, that's so risque and hardcore!


A crooked face. That probably means something like she doesn't want to live a straight-as-an-arrow life. She wants to be off-centered and crazy and for you to take her seriously as a person and adult. But how can we do that, Miley? How can we take you seriously after you were a Disney star?


Whoa, you're touching yourself! Now you're serious about being serious!


Oh, you're touching yourself again! SHE'S SO RAW AND REAL.

Joking aside, is this working for you, Break audience? Is this attractive or just annoying? Let us know in the comments.

- Mark (twitter)