Miley Cyrus: Hot Adult Or Annoying Brat?

Mark-Potts by Mark-Potts on Aug. 14, 2013

Miley Cyrus was a Disney star but really doesn't want to be that anymore. She doesn't want you to see her as Hannah Montana so much as "super edgy" or "adult" or "annoying slut." It's an interesting time in her career to say the least.

And even though she doesn't have anything to promote, she has released a new photoshoot for us to stare at:

She's flipping us off! So edgy, Miley...


Oh look! She's twerking! Someone, give her her adult card!


Smoking? Man, that's so risque and hardcore!


A crooked face. That probably means something like she doesn't want to live a straight-as-an-arrow life. She wants to be off-centered and crazy and for you to take her seriously as a person and adult. But how can we do that, Miley? How can we take you seriously after you were a Disney star?


Whoa, you're touching yourself! Now you're serious about being serious!


Oh, you're touching yourself again! SHE'S SO RAW AND REAL.

Joking aside, is this working for you, Break audience? Is this attractive or just annoying? Let us know in the comments.

- Mark (twitter)

Victoria-Nagy-338 User

Miley Cyrus is just a puppet. She is controlled by egomaniac designer Marc Jacobs. He is a cruel manipulator who has a great influence on stars like Lady Gaga, Kanye West. He told Miley to act like that at the VMA. Read the truth on:

Stony5621 User

I'm so sick of this dumb girl she is annoying!

lordtoad User

Annoying! You don't prove you're grown up by acting like a slutty, drug using, bean pole.

pinto18 User

Annoying. Shes trying to knock Justin B. off his throne 

Kerry-Petes-614 User

annoying or not, i dont fucking care. doesnt make my nob less upright.

wnlees User

Annoying!!!!  She was at least hot when she had hair and some ...... haha i just realized its not even worth my time to go into this any further.... she isn't worth anyones time.  

Cool-Jon-1 User

she ruined herself, should have stayed with disney, now people like her for all the wrong reasons  


She looks like a little boy. Tell this boy to give up the ratchetness she is an embarrassing all of white ppl.


Im sure if ya had these pic on yur wall in prison most likely ya would get shanked in a couples of days


I'd bang her like a loose shutter in a hurricane.  Then run to the doctor and get some antibiotics.

DoucheBaggins User

Look at all those extra teeth in her mouth. She's got like 100 of them.

Robert-Carney-678 User

She looks like just working too damn hard to kick that Hanna Montana gig !! She needs to jump on the Kardashian Honey Boo Boo Train and ride into the sunset.... For Good!


No matter how much you polish a turd, it's still a turd and you'll never be able to touch it on the clean end.

Silverhart User

Nothing more than a typical self centered egotistical spoiled pain in the ass justin fagger is the same way assumes everything is done by his standards and what not.. ugh 

Mizogucci User

Though you dress a monkey in silk, a monkey it remains.

tidodo User


sloppypillows User

These pics are about as exciting as making a bowl of oatmeal. . . . . I take that back, oatmeal is more exciting.

treyert User

Female version of a Canadian cunning stunt, JB. 

SW_Smokeweed User

well after a certain point in her career shes gonna get so broke the only next step is selling her body as it is writin so shall it be!

generic_name User

Yeah.... good idea.... wear THAT much Lipstick to draw even MORE attention to a mouth that looks like a deformed horse.

yomacau User

No breasts and looks like a boy. FAIL !

benwagonhoff User

she kinda looks like a 13 yr old boy and she annoying as anything ever

B-Gai User

Seems like you're leaning heavily toward annoying brat. 

Legohaiden User

totally looks like a female Justin Bieber

Nicholas-O-Brochta-314 User

No not working. She is not a chick that can pull off a half shaved head look. I only knew of one chick that could do that and she would of been a miss if she didn't give some of the best jobs.

John-Francis-917 User

This girl looks like a train wreck now, and is just annoying... hopefully everyone forgets about her soon

Mr_Tideman User

Her handlers are telling her that she has to do everything possible to dump off the Hannah Montana persona, so she's out acting all bad.  They said the same thing to Britney Spears and look how she turned out.  I'm sure we'll see Miley giving Madonna tongue at an awards show and snorting coke with Paris Hilton, too.  Miley's dad is banking off all of this since his short career went south.  He should be in jail.

wilbunk User

Hey look its Justin Bieber!


This was shot by Teri Richardson. This is his style of photography. He's got everyone famous doing this type of stuff. Not really Mily's fault. 

jbart321 User

She is ugly as hell.  Them effing teeth.

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

Why do we enlightened Break people should care about this?

Mike-Emmons-39 User

she is trying to figure out who she is after growing up in the spotlight. at least she isnt spitting on fans, driving drunk, shop lifting or pissing in mop buckets. lighten up break staff.

Scabbs1 User

Can't we have a REAL idol for teen girls?

iduno2much User

@wilbunk man I hope they never meet, Imagine them having a kid? Might be even worse than Kanye and that fat arab woman.

flyjoey85 User

@Mike-Emmons-39 Nah, just admitting to doing "molly" and releasing videos of her smoking synthetic pot.  

schizm User

@Scabbs1 Yes. My penis. But only for teen girls of legal age. I'm not doing time for a little vagina.